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Strategy Guide – Team

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Strategy Guide – Sales

In order for your sales to be effective you need to develop a competitive advantage.

Competitive advantages are conditions that allow your business to produce goods or services at a lower price or in a more desirable fashion for customers. 

This guide will take you through the steps to develop that competitive advantage for your business and significantly increase your sales.

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Strategy Guide – Marketing

Marketing and selling your product is the goal for steady cash flow, securing new business and becoming more profitable. The trick is how do you do that? Every product that you sell at your business has features, advantages and benefits and communicating these to your customer sells your product.

This guide will take you through the 4 steps to identify the features, advantages and benefits of your products or services and how to use these to create effective marketing techniques to sell them.

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Survival Guide

Any small business owner will tell you that running a small business is challenging. You have to manage a thousand moving pieces, ensuring that you stay on top of cash flow, employee performance, sales, marketing, and many other factors. Many owners struggle to manage all the different elements, and their business struggles as a result. 

In these particular times it can be even more challenging with many business owners feeling that their business may not recover at all.

But fear not! This guide will take you through how you can get help from many different quarters and how you can recreate and adapt your business so that it will survive.

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