Designing your business, launching the business or the next phase of your young business requires a clear sense of direction, and a business that can be modelled.

In our Business Launch Workshop, we will work with you to create a clear sense of direction, business model and finance model for your business, and in the process creating a plan for implementation to maximise your chances of success ensuring that:

  • You have clear purpose and direction for the business
  • You have a structural model for your business
  • You have a financial model for your business including cashflow predictions
  • You have identified start-up capital and/or funding needs
  • You have defined and evaluated your target market
  • You have a plan for finding your customers / clients
  • You have a plan for converting them
  • You have identified, prioritised and scheduled your strategies
  • You have a clear vision and mission to engage your team, customers and investors / lenders.