Your business is an asset.  And just like any other investment it can generate you an income beyond the ongoing profits and revenues.   We are so often focussed on revenues that we forget that the real value in the business is what it is worth to someone else as an investment or how well it can work without us managing on a daily basis.

Both options require systemisation and development of databases etc.  In fact there are seven key drivers to business wealth that we focus on.

This workshop and supporting ongoing programme look at those drivers and helps you implement them effectively so you can either maximise return or minimise your future time commitment or both.

The average value of sale of a UK business (across all sectors) expressed as a multiple of EBITDA was 3.6x in 2016.  For a business where the owner was no longer involved in the day to day running that rose to a multiple of at least 8x.  Where the business was heavily dependent on the owner it was as little as 2.2x – if  a sale was actually achieved.  

If you are looking to develop of tidy up your exit strategy, then this is the place to start.  Our process is intended to maximise your chances of a sale or exit and secure the best price.